We should challenge our children to be satisfied with nothing but the best.

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“We should challenge our children to be satisfied with nothing but the best.”

Focus on Education

  • Increase student learning through accountability.
  • Set attainable rigorous academic standards.
  • Support site-based decision making.
  • Hire and retain the best educators.
  • Support extracurricular activities.
  • Increase classroom funding.
Hicks for TUSD School Board

“My goal is to support our students in their quest for a better education and their families as they ask for a better educational product. We must challenge ourselves and our children to be satisfied with nothing but the best.”

Statement from TUSD Governing Board Member Michael Hicks

It is my understanding that some may have misunderstood a statement I made regarding my education. Like so many other TUSD students, I had to leave my education behind to earn a meager living to support myself. I was proud to later attend Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. Having to support myself as a student, I have always been proud of the fact that I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Charter Oak State College, which is part of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities. This information has been on my public resumé for years, and I have no reason to misrepresent my education. It is unfortunate that there are those, who during an election cycle, will grab the public’s much needed attention away from the pressing issues facing the Tucson Unified School District and focus on petty claims promoted by political surrogates of campaign opponents.

During my tenure on the Board of TUSD, I have fought for increased community involvement, increased dollars in the classroom, and a decrease in class sizes. As a member of the minority on the Board, I have seen and felt the disappointment of all stakeholders in the district, who have come to me, and requested those changes for which I have fought for.. I know that the public will look past petty politics and continue to join me and a majority of the TUSD stakeholders in fighting for increased accountability and decreased administrative costs.